Producing fresh organically grown microgreens

Little Leaf Farm produces fresh microgreens using organic practices

Healthy. Local. Sustainable.

At Little Leaf Lab, we grow in an innovative way. We are a hydroponic microgreens and edible flower farm local to Perth. We use small scale vertical gardens to help provide top quality produce from start to finish and ensure we remain friendly to our environment.

Our Mission is to improve the health and sustainability of our local community whilst providing delicious, nutritious, top quality products.

We Deliver weekly to homes, workplaces, juice bars, health food stores, restaurants, yoga studios and fitness centres.

Health Benefits

We believe that healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard. Microgreens are compact yet high in nutrients we need for optimising functions. From vitamins to magnesium, antioxidants and anti inflammatories, a little microgreens are a great way to add a lot of health to the plate.

You don’t need to be a Michellin Star Chef to make use of our microgreens. Packed to convenience, you can simply add our microgreens to your sandwiches, soups or even as the final garnish to your home-made creation – like we said, healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard.


We believe in creating sustainable practice. From growing our seeds, packaging and delivery, we make sure we do our part to aid in a greener world. At Little Leaf Lab we grow hydroponically in vertical gardens. We do not use any sprays or pesticides, only water goes on our produce, this means we do not waster water watering large fields and we do not pollute earths precious soils by spraying chemicals into the ground. We make sure our packaging is compostable so you can rest easy knowing that you are being a conscious consumer with us.